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When Angels And Serpents Dance

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Return of the P.O.D. people

The hard-rocking San Diego band switched labels and guitarists, bringing back Marcos Curiel, but little has changed in the nu-metal blueprint that sent 2001’s Satellite into orbit. End of the World, with its soaring gospel choir, feels like a Youth of the Nation spinoff. Still, P.O.D. gets style points for inching away from rap-metal vocals, dabbling in pop (Shine With Me’s euphoric chorus) and scoring cool cameos —, including Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies on Kaliforn-Eye-A and the Marley Sisters (Bob’s daughters) on reggae-stamped I’ll Be Ready. — Edna Gundersen

>>Download: Addicted, anti-war Tell Me Why, God Forbid (featuring Helmet’s Paige Hamilton), Shine With Me, Kaliforn-Eye-A >>Consider: It Can’t Rain Everyday, I’ll Be Ready >>Skip: This Ain’t No Ordinary Love Song