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P.O.D. - When Angels and Serpents Dance
Columbia Records
By Jesse Lynch

I am not a big fan of the radio. It's filled with a lot of the same sounding stuff that gets recycled over and over, squeezed in between commercial breaks. The same goes for bands that play radio rock, by which I mean they write music with the expressed intent of being played on the radio. Everything fits into the mold of a potential single, with the hope that they can have a huge hit and be immensely popular for one album before they fade quickly into the fog of obscurity. I know, I'm cheery. With all that in mind, P.O.D. is radio rock. The odd thing is, it's a radio rock album that I absolutely love. I haven't stopped playing it since I got it. Hypocrisy? Could be. Or is it?

The main difference between this album and many others of similar type is that it seems like they wrote the best music they could, and that music happens to be very radio friendly. In fact, I'll go one better; if this CD doesn't get played on the radio it's just proof that terrestrial radio is done and we might as well have MP3s attached permanently to our ears. There are massive choruses, instantly catchy riffs and vocals that you won't be able to stop yourself from singing. There's a nice mix of crunchier rockers and slower, emotive ballad-esque songs. All of this wrapped up superbly in some just plain good song writing. Basically, this is how radio rock should be. Rock that is acceptable to play on the radio. Shocking, I know.