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Featured Artist: P.O.D - Exclusive Interview with Wuv!

Genre: Hard Rock

I sat down with P.O.D drummer Wuv to talk about their new album, When Angels And Serpents Dance. Visit to pick up your copy and for tour date information.

CR: The title of your new album "When Angels And Serpents Dance", how did you guys come up with that title, what does it mean?

Wuv: Marcos our guitar player, he’s the one who brought it up. He thought it would be a cool title because it sounds like something about life. Everyday there’s struggles and there’s trials and there’s battles. Whether it be physical or it be spiritual, it’s an everyday thing. That’s what life is, that’s something our band has always tried to touch on. It’s a part of life, people struggling to be good, people struggling to be bad, or to do whatever they have to do, its just a cool way to put it.

CR: On your new album, what is your favorite song to play and why?

Wuv: My favorite song on the new record is a song called “God Forbid”, I think it’s our heaviest song on the record. It brings me back to P.O.D’s old style, like when we were putting out records in ’92. It brought us back to that hardcore style, that’s why I love playing that song.

CR: What were you doing before P.O.D became so popular? What kind of job were you doing?

Wuv: Me and Sonny, Sonny is my cousin actually, my dad owned a construction company and we laid concrete and dug ditches and planted plants till we were 28 years old.

CR: Wow!

Wuv: It was a family business, something I grew up doing. Actually there is a popular hamburger place called In ‘N Out Burger, we actually laid all the concrete for every In ‘N Out Burger all the way to Fresno into Vegas.

CR: How did you start playing drums?

Wuv: Actually my dad was a drummer, I just grew up around my dad playing. Whenever he left for work, I would jump on his drum set, and whenever he came back I would jump off.

CR: I think every little boy likes to play drums.

Wuv: Yeah, I still love to play drums, that’s why I still feel like a kid!

CR: Do you play any other instruments?

Wuv: I play guitar.

CR: What was it like finding fame? Was it a strange experience? Did you have a moment when you were like “Whoa, this is really happening?”

Wuv: It wasn’t like we won American Idol, and then boom, the next day we are super stars. It was a gradual growth, we had been putting out records since ’92, we have been together for 16 years. This is like a marathon, not a sprint. It was like things were growing and getting bigger, that when it did happen we were like, “this is what we worked for.”

CR: Did you feel like “It’s about time?”

Wuv: No…more like “this is the way God wanted it to happen”, so that’s cool.

CR: You have had a really exciting life, for someone who has accomplished so much, what else is on your “to do” list, or your “bucket list”?

Wuv: We have definitely been blessed to travel the world many times, to see beautiful places and play in front of huge crowds. I think for me, I’ve always loved to travel, just to hit the spots that I’ve done but with my kids.

CR: Are you able to take them with you on tour?

Wuv: Yeah, they can come out when it’s right for them, if it isn’t going to interrupt school. But as they are getting older, God willing our band keeps on moving, it will be a lot easier because they will be older and able to take care of themselves.

CR: What inspires you to play?

Wuv: The rest of my band mates and knowing what we have created since we were in high school, that enjoyment that you get out of playing music and making music, and seeing the kids in the crowd singing every single word and really taking to heart what you’re saying and appreciating your music…I get hit up on the streets everyday, by people telling me how much they enjoy P.O.D’s music and what it has done for them, because they like the music, or because they like the lyrics that’s always very humbling and it’s always very rewarding… that gives me inspiration to keep on playing, for sure.

CR: My last question for you is what advice do you have for struggling musicians?

Wuv: I don’t like to think of “struggling musicians” because when you start to play music you do it because it’s fun, so it should never be a struggle. To strive for something that might or might not happen is not worth it. I think musicians should just play and not even worry about that kind of stuff. If it starts to take fire, then that’s the way it’s suppose to be and if it doesn’t ... the people that I see that want it so bad, it never happens for them, people that don’t care, that’s who it happens for.

CR: Is that how it was for you guys, you didn’t care? You just played because you loved playing?

Wuv: We didn’t care about any of that. We cared about making music, and keeping ourselves out of trouble, that was it!

CR: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today.

Wuv: Not a problem, Thank You.