Return to Plumb


The road to success was a long and arduous one for Plumb, and her story exemplifies many of the pitfalls of which emerging artists need to be wary.

At age 20, Plumb had established herself as one of Nashville’s top backup singers, but had no plans to pursue a full-fledged career in music. So when Zomba Records’ Robert Beeson offered her a record deal, the young artist was surprised, flattered and unprepared for what lay ahead.

“I signed the first record contract I was ever handed,” explains Plumb, “and it wasn’t a good deal.” Having signed away all of her publishing and master rights, Plumb found that the label offered little in the way of support and marketing, and that her manager, recommended to her by the label, was deferring commissions without her knowledge. Eventually, Plumb was forced into bankruptcy and parted ways with Zomba.

Down but not out, Plumb began to rebuild her career by writing and recording with producer Keith Thomas, with whom she co-wrote the Mandy Moore hit single “I Want to Be with You.” Based on Thomas’ strong recommendation, and the strength of the demos she recorded with him, Plumb was approached by Curb Records A&R man Bryan Stewart while she happened to be recording at Curb’s studios. Impressed by what he heard, Stewart recommended that label head Mike Curb meet with Plumb to discuss a record deal. After meeting with Curb, Plumb signed a two-record deal that allowed her to keep her own publishing rights, with mutual options for additional albums. Several years into her relationship with Curb, both the artist and the label speak highly of eachother.

Meanwhile, Plumb has enlisted the help of her husband, Jeremy Lee, who at various times has acted as her manager, producer and financial advisor, and is the cornerstone of a team of trusted people who now handle the business aspects of Plumb’s career.

Curb Records released Plumb’s latest album, Chaotic Resolve, on February 28th.

––Ben Nachman