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Want to hear sophisticated modern rock and roll sang by a blissful female voice? I give you the remedy by introducing you to Plumb.

Interview By: Geoff Dellinger

Band/Artist: Plumb
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.plumbinfo.com
Most Current Album: Chaotic Resolve
Recommended If You Like: Garbage, Evanescence, Real heartfelt emotion driven music.

You probably have heard this young lady while watching your favorite television show (Dawson’s Creek, ER and Felicity, Roswell, etc) or movie (Bruce Almighty, The Perfect Man, Just Married, Drive Me Crazy, etc) and not even realized it. This young woman has a band and is producing soulful, serene, intense and invigorating music destined to capture your attention and steal your heart. The distinctness in her voice will remain trapped in your head and replaying itself over and over again. Her new album out on Curb Records is creating quite the stir within the industry and upon hearing it she instantaneously got me as a new fan and also I was so enthralled by her talents I had to talk to her. Take a second to learn about this talented songstress and musician.

Entertainment World: There are a lot of people out there who really have no idea who Plumb is. Why don’t we start off by letting everyone out there know who Plumb is and what they have set out to achieve?
Plumb: It’s a girl with a band, not the other way around. It’s been appropriately called sophisticated modern rock and roll set to inspire, to encourage, to challenge, to frustrate and to entertain.

Entertainment World: Why did you decide on the name Plumb?
Plumb: Based on a Suzanne Vega song titled ‘My Favorite Plum’, as Suzanne has been a huge influence of mine with her ability to be poetic, vulnerable, pointed and metaphorical all at the same time in her art. I have a huge respect for that and felt it appropriate to name myself after something she created.

Entertainment World: How would you go about describing the sound of your music to some one who has yet to experience it?
Plumb: The description of sophisticated modern rock and roll has been one of the best so far. It’s often compared to the band Garbage which has to honestly be a huge compliment. It’s certainly no copycat, but has certainly been influenced by them and their ability to have a signature sound, be relevant in being true and still timeless. I hope to achieve that in all of my records.

Entertainment World: Your new album 'Chaotic Resolve' is utterly amazing from start to finish. It also is rapidly climbing the charts. What track off the album would you say is you’re most favorite and why?
Plumb: That’s a hard question to as they are all special to me for many reasons. The best to represent the album I think is the song called “Better”. Its rock but still has intimate moments and the lyrics are hard to swallow. Very important elements to what makes a Plumb song.

Entertainment World: What inspires or drives you to produce such emotional and heartfelt lyrics?
Plumb: Life and the truth in it, although often hard lessons…the most powerful are usually the hardest.

Entertainment World: What can we expect next from Plumb? (CD, DVD, tour, etc)
Plumb: Touring, touring and more touring.

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Entertainment World: Favorite movie?
Plumb: When a man loves a woman.

Entertainment World: Favorite actor or actress?
Plumb: Audrey Hepburn.

Entertainment World: CD you can’t live without?
Plumb: Patty Griffin’s “Flaming Red”

Entertainment World: Best video game platform?
Plumb: Not really into video games, sorry.

Entertainment World: Ipod or actual CD?
Plumb: Actual CD, although I have an Ipod, I still play the real deal more often than not.

Entertainment World: Favorite type of TV show (sitcom, drama, reality, home make over, etc)?
Plumb: I’m addicted to Lost right now so I guess drama.

Entertainment World: Celebrity you'd like to be caught in tabloids with?
Plumb: Bonnie Hunt. I think wed make really good friends. She’s one of my absolute favorite actresses of all time.

Entertainment World: Location of biggest portion of your fans?
Plumb: California and Texas, almost equally in both.