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Chaotic Resolve *** (out of 4)

Blender, March 2006

Curb Records

Most Goths flirt with nihilism, but Tiffany Arbuckle Lee has gone all the way with piety. Her sleek second solo album as Plumb sometimes sounds remarkably or even suspiciously similar to platinum-sellers Evanescence-almost identical voiced singer Amy Lee (no
relation) cites Plumb as an influence-but only Tiffany would compare a lover's bad qualities to a cigarette: "You make it harder to breathe/You make my head hurt" ("Jekyll & Hyde"). Such refreshingly uncool sentiments make her alienation all the more urgent-the juicy bubblegum industrial of "Good Behavior" could inspire a goody-two-shoes riot. And Lee's range extends beyond her lavish purrs and howls: "Motion" makes a sure leap
to the dance floor, while "Cut" offers a movingly simple, feeling portrait of a self-injurer. Pop could use more women like this. -Nick Catucci

Download: "Motion," "Good Behavior"