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Artist picks: Plumb

Although she calls Nashville home, you won't be seeing Tiffany Arbuckle Lee a.k.a. Plumb on CMT any time soon. Plumb's complex, confessional songwriting and bright, modern-rock sound put her more in same category as artists like Sarah McLachlan, Garbage, and Evanescence. In fact, though people often compare her voice to that of Evanescence's Amy Lee, it's actually Lee who cites Plumb as an influence.

So what influences this innovative singer-songwriter? We asked Plumb to list some of her "essential" albums:

Patty Griffin
Flaming Red (1998)

"I've never heard an album speak so pointed and poetic at the same time...while still maintaining rock n' roll elements. Jay Joyce, the producer, and Patty made a statement when this album was made...and it still speaks to me in almost every musical moment of my career...especially the song 'Tony.'"

Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill (1995)

"This album opened a door for me I never knew existed. And I don't think it will ever close. This record came out right before I was ever signed...and shortly after, I caught one of her shows on her fall tour of '96. It was one of the most spiritual moments in my life. To see someone communicate so passionately with total reckless abandon and confidence what they think, feel and believe...was powerful to say the least."

Haunted (2000)

"The production of this album is like watching Willy Wonka. You always catch something new you didn't notice before....It's a true piece of art...that opened my eyes to the idea of creating things that cannot be make them really and truly your very own. She did it. And she wrote and produced it herself...which influenced me to try to be more than just a singer/songwriter...whatever that may be."

Lemon Parade (1996)

"This album shows how rock and roll can be incredibly melodic. It's beautiful and tough all at the same time. As a female singer...listening to a male voice can get dull sometimes...and I can listen to this album over and over...because it's authentic.""

Suzanne Vega
Nine Objects of Desire (1996)

"This album is where I got the name 'plumb' from. She is able to be vulnerable, imaginative, poetic and methaphorical all at the same time and I respect that. The song 'My Favorite Plum' was on repeat the night I was trying desperately to find an artist name per my label's request...and this album defined that moment for me...and it continues to affect my attempts to say more than just one pointed thing in a lyric."

Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy (1993)

"Who doesn't agree this is an essential must have? Who hasn't made out to it at least once? Smile here. Seriously though...growing up singing...there were notes I just simply could not hit with grace...and it was this very album that influenced, even instructed, my teenage voice to just go ahead and crack...but to do it with confidence, with poise and with elegance. But there's only one Sarah. And thanks to her influence...I hope there's only one Plumb."

Garbage (1995)

"Only weeks after signing my first record deal I bought this album. It had only sold about 500K units at the time. I was writing for my album...a female fronted rock band using loops and strings, and to my pleasant surprise... that's a lot like what this was. And it wasn't was inspiration. I loaned it out to a friend a few months later and never got it back...I think I'll go buy it today. Seriously."