Return to Plumb

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (aka Plumb) is somewhat of an enigma. She doesn't constantly grace the covers of magazines or music trades, yet her art is highly regarded in Christian (and beyond) music circles as both a songwriter and artist. She draws strong vocal comparisons to Dido and Amy Lee of Evanescence, yet it was the latter's own admission that her style is modeled after Plumb. Chaotic Resolve, Plumb's fourth studio release, is yet another outstanding testament to the gifts of this amazing young woman. Proving her lyrical prowess, Plumb aptly captures her essence on "Motion" when she sings, "Do I Make You Feel Uneasy/Do I Break Your Stupid Rule/Cause I Do Not Fit Your Idea/Of A Beautiful Girl." Therein lies the beautiful paradox of Plumb's art; she molds elements of rock, pop, electronica, and metal together and does so while singing about some difficult subjects like physical abuse, alienation, and depression. "I Can't Do This" and "Better" are telling examples with Plumb's edgy rock mixing strangely well with strings from the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Give credit to producer Matt Bronleewe--an original Jars of Clay member, if you didn't know, and a fine musician in his own right--who has worked from the beginning with Plumb, and wraps her music together in a stunning way. For long-time fans, you'll appreciate popish tracks like "Blush (Only You)," "Real Life Fairytale," and "Sleep," which sound like extra takes from the brilliant Candycoatedwaterdrops. The stark and majestically beautiful "Cut" showcases Plumb's wonderful voice, and don't miss how she soars with eagles on this dramatic song.

--Michael Lyttle