"Motherfuckers Be Trippin'"

"Rock and roll records -- they ain't sellin' this year," the Supersuckers' maniacally cartoonish leader, Eddie Spaghetti, howls on the opening track of the quartet's seventh original album. Fueled by "beer and bubblegum" (to borrow the title of another of these tracks), the veteran garage-rockers have been rolling around the Seattle scene since well before the grunge explosion of the early Nineties, when they relocated from their native Tucson. But their time may have finally arrived. A little bit country/psychobilly, a little bit Detroit/Stooges, any of these 12 tunes could be slotted in on a kick-ass house-party mix tape alongside current raves such as the Hives, the Mooney Suzuki, the White Stripes and the Soundtrack of Our Lives, and they'd more than hold their own. The Supersuckers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, but they deliver the goods via frantically churning guitars, pounding rhythms and big, dumb choruses that are hard to resist (our favorite: "She used to be pretty/Now she's just pretty fucked-up"). Rock and roll records this kick-ass may or may not be selling to the masses currently obsessed with 50 Cent and Avril Lavigne, but they should be.
— Jim DeRogatis