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Internet Sensation Pentatonix Sit Down with LOCAL15

Updated: Saturday, December 14 2013, 11:09 PM CST MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI)

Five members of what is now an internet sensation played at the Saenger Theatre in Downtown Mobile Saturday night.

Their name is Pentatonix and you may remember their name from NBC's the Sing Off, which they won about three years ago. Two hit albums and a Christmas single later and they are all the rage right now.

Scott, Kirsty, Mitch, Avi and Kevin are all five members of Pentatonix and three of them are originally from the same high school in Texas.That's where Pentatonix began and it's grown into something bigger than they could've imagined.

Recently the past couple of weeks actually have been a huge snowball effect of things that have been happening," said Kirstin Maldonodo.

We've found out Little Drummer boy was, it got to number 13 on the hot 100. Turns out it's the fourth highest holiday single in Billboard history," Kevin Olusola continued.

Saturdays concert at the Seanger was a sellout. They're doing another concert Sunday night but unfortunately for those who dont have tickets, that is a sellout as well. But you can always watch them online and see them on The Sing Off on NBC in a special appearance coming up next week.

You can see the entire unedited interview HERE.