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Pentatonix Schools Jarvis In Beatboxing 101
VH1 | October 22, 2014 11:41 am


Ever since I was a little bitty boy in grade school, it has always been one of my dreams to be apart of a really cool acapella group that takes over the world, one melodic vocal riff at a time! However, that dream never came true. BUT meeting Pentatonix, my favorite acapella group of all time, was close enough to my dream for me!

WHEWWW!!! I mean, WOW these guys are killing it right now! They have millions of followers, views on YouTube, world tours and EVEN a part in a major motion picture??? Ummmm, I think we can pretty much say they’ve made it, which made my run in with them today a total WIN!!!!! HECK YES!!!! Thank God Pentatonix was there to promote their new album PTX -Vol. III at VH1 today and THANK GOD I caught them in the elevator on the way up! I mean, five of the most talented, beautiful people and me in an elevator? It felt like heaven. They gave me a crash course in beat boxing and EVEN gave me a little inside scoop about their parts in Pitch Perfect 2, which I CANT WAIT TO SEE!!! I wish they needed a sixth member because I would totally join. But sadly they don’t so I’ll stay stalking the elevators until they do!!!! Fine with me!