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Pentatonix Performs 'Show You How To Love'

By Keltie Colleen

October 11, 2012

While everyone is gushing over the Mariah vs. Nicki drama on American Idol, or Demi Lovato's outfits on The X-Factor, I am still living for a show that was already canceled, The SingOff. The show is no more, but luckily, before saying goodbye, they launched one of the greatest musical groups into stardom! I am always in awe of the first ever all acapella monster group Pentatonix.

When I saw the group on the show, I always though they were cool. When they came to perform their single Show You How To Love for our soundcheck sessions, my jaw dropped to the floor. What they do is completely incredible and mind-blowing. There is more talent in these five singers then in most of pop music. Incredible.

Check out their amazing soundcheck session, and do not forget to pick your jaw off the floor when it is over!