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10 Things you didn't know about Pentatonix
by Sarah Long

The members of Pentatonix have a lot to say about each other's "flaws"

There's more to spritely Texan a cappella group, Pentatonix, than meets the eye.

They proved to the world that they're super good looking and have some major pipes to back up their beauty when they performed during the third season of The Sing-Off, but this crew has got a lot more going on underneath the surface. SheKnows recently sat down with Mitch Grassi, Kirstie Maldonado and Scott Hoying to learn the ins and outs of this up-and-coming band.

1. They are super stoked to be part of the Pitch Perfect sequel
"We wanted to be part of it since the first one came out," said Maldonado. "I feel like it could have been the fans, too," Grassi and Hoying chimed in, "because our fans were, like, really gung ho and petitioning."

2. They have real-life ties to the Bellas
They may have been the new kids on the block during the filming of Pitch Perfect 2, but that doesn't mean they didn't fit right in. "I am really good friends with one of the Bellas," said Hoying. "We went to college together, Kelley Jakle [and I]. I was just hanging out with her in the little Bellas tent and Anna Kendrick walked in!"

3. Their motto? No instruments, no problem!
The group agrees on one thing: Music is music. "We just want it to be like any other band," said Grassi. "We want to be a successful band that creates music, has supporters and plays on the radio. Just because we're a cappella, I don't feel like, well obviously it is different, but we are still making music. We're just doing it without instruments... we don't want to sell ourselves short, either, because we're all so individually talented."

4. At their high school, choir nerds were the cool kids
"I loved high school! I was such a loser, but I had a great time in high school," said Maldonado. "We went to a great high school. It was huge," the guys chimed in. "There were like 4,000 people at our high school and our choir program and theater was like 500 people and so we might have been nerdy, but we were in a pool of 500, so it was a great community."

5. They're totally math and science geeks
Making sweet, sweet music is their first love, but they also dig on numbers. "In high school, I really liked chemistry," said Maldonado. "There's, like, something comforting about math and chemistry," piped in Hoying. "Algebra is kinda fun!" added Grassi.

6. They're intimidated by Swifty
They won't touch "I Knew You Were Trouble" with a 10-foot pole and let's just say the band won't be covering "Shake It Off" anytime soon. "We were gonna arrange ['I Knew You Were Trouble'], but we couldn't find the right key that worked for any of our voices that we really liked," said Hoying. "It was really hard to sing and with what we do, we have to be able to sing it perfectly live... we were just really intimidated by it." And Taylor Swift's latest hit is no walk in the park either. "The verse! It's just full out," agreed the band.

7. They won't go on tour without champs and energy drinks
The crew has quite an eclectic tour rider and bubbly and some pick-me-ups top their list. "Always two bottles of Champagne," Maldonado, Grassi and Olusola said of their list of demands. "And Red Bull!" But musicians cannot live on drink alone, so the band also asks for pita chips, hummus, salsa, beef jerky, a rotisserie chicken and fruit.

8. Maldonado gets the princess treatment
"It's fun!" Maldonado exclaimed of being the only girl. "I get to change in a room separate from the boys." That fact may sound like it's a given, but the guys are jealous that she gets her own space. "I like it when they come in and visit, though," she said.

9. They're perfectly "flawed"
They're happy to talk about each other's shortcomings, but their self-proclaimed flaws sound like something you might hear in a job interview. "I think Kevin's flaw is that he over-thinks things," said Hoying of bandmate, Kevin "K.O." Olusola. "He is a genius and he just always thinks very hard about things logically. Sometimes, I'm just like, 'Kev, go with the flow.'" "Avi is very sensitive," Grassi said of the band's bass, Avi Kaplan. "But that's good, because... he's very careful and meticulous about musical ideas." And as for Hoying? "Sometimes I feel like I'm overly passionate. Almost controlling," he said of himself. "Sometimes, I'll be so excited about an idea that I will not let the group say it's not OK." Guess what, Pentatonix? You got the job!

10. They always let Beyoncé be their guide
Like nearly everyone else of their generation, they hail Queen B. "I did have a vision board my junior year of high school where I put up a collage of pictures of things I wanted to achieve in life," revealed Hoying. "And me holding a Grammy with Beyoncé was one of them. A ton of those vision board visions have come true."