Back to Pentatonix Pentatonix Take Center Stage @ The Fillmore Charlotte

Matthew Pock
Apr 1, 2014

I can definitely say that I’ve never been to a concert quite like this before. No moshing. No crowd surfing. No teen angst. No sweat-drenched, smelly fans. No musical instruments (minus two songs with a cello). No opening act. No photo pit.

Wait…no photo pit?

Yup. That was definitely a surprise to me, making my job of photographing the show a bit more challenging. But then again, I guess it made sense given the musical act performing at The Fillmore Charlotte this past Thursday night (3/27/14).

The five-piece a cappella group Pentatonix were in the house to showcase their vocal aptitude to the Queen City. The group has have been selling out venues all across the US this spring and The Fillmore was no exception. People were packed into the sold-out venue like sardines and tickets were being resold online the day of the show for nearly $100.

Winners of the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, these guys (and gal) are no doubt a talented bunch with a huge following of musical theatre fanatics. In addition to a number of original tracks, the group covered a wide range of popular artists during their nearly two hour set, including songs and medleys from Daft Punk, Lorde, Macklemore, and Beyoncé…to name a few.

Even though this genre of music – between the pop covers and vocal group arrangement – is completely foreign to my tastes, I couldn’t help but appreciate the control this group has over their voices both individually and collectively. If you’ve never heard them before, it’s worth checking out their Evolution of Music video on YouTube, which has a measly 36 million views to date.

Based on the excitement and participation from the crowd over the course of the night, I’m pretty sure nobody left the venue unsatisfied. And for once I didn’t feel like the oldest person in attendance, thanks in large part to the mass of parents who chaperoned their children for a fun night on the town.