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Date: 2014-06-24
Artist(s): Pentatonix
Reviewer: Bethany Unwin
Knowing nothing of the group known as “Pentatonix”, other than the “you absolutely have to go see them” command that was given to me by a few of my friends, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. A group of 5 vocalists with very different abilities and styles seemingly effortlessly pulled in thousands on Tuesday night at the San Diego Fair. The front row was filled with some of the groups biggest fans, who were sure fill me in with everything from what Mitch’s last tweet was, to the most recent news of Pentatonix announcing a guest starring role in the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect 2.

Standing below the stage, best known as “the photo pit” the crowd began to scream. The stage at The Del Mar Fair is quite high, if you’re standing directly below it it’s impossible to see who’s on top. But about five feet back the it’s a clear view of the show. Suddenly a melodic voice started to sing the intro of Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’ followed by one, two, three and four other voices in perfect harmony. Kristie, Mitch, Avi, Scott and Kevin flawlessly executed a medley of everyones favorite Daft Punk hits followed by a ‘Hey Momma’ while intertwining ‘Hit the Road Jack’.

This felt exactly like the very first episode of Glee. A mixture of jaw dropping, oh-my-gosh-this-is-perfect, as if yo just stumbled upon musical gold type moment. I know we have all been missing the old Glee. Pentatonix gives you a taste of the hit TV show with their own individual flair. If you thought it didn’t get any more versatile than it does on television, you are wrong. Each of the members has an outstanding uniqueness about them in their voices, several of the members gave a standing ovation worthy display of their incredible low and high range. Kevin Olusola, the group’s beat-boxer happens to be a killer cellist as he performed an original song that he wrote called Renegade while simultaneously combining both of his talents.

The group covered songs from artist such as Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and the crowd’s favorite medley known as ‘The Evolution of Beyonce’. This was a one of a kind show for The Del Mar Fair, and a once in a lifetime show for a very lucky fan as she was called up on stage to be serenaded. I’m officially hooked on this group!

We’ll keep you updated on Pentatonix and their latest local shows, you can bet that we’ll be there!