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Web Gems: Pentatonix On UK Shows, YouTube And Covers

Thursday, 15 May 2014 Written by Katie Territt

Spurred on by the mainstream success of Glee and after winning season three of The Sing Off, US TV channel NBC's a cappella competition, Pentatonix, are certainly doing their best to make their genre cool again.

Their three releases to date have landed in the upper echelons of the Billboard chart, with ‘PTX, Vol. II’ peaking at #10 last winter, while their YouTube account is approaching six million subscribers. If you haven’t seen them in action yet, where have you been?

The band crowded round a computer during their UK dates for a lightning round of questions and talked all things Pentatonix, including the power of the internet and balancing original material with what made them tick in the first place, their fluid re-workings of pop hits.



How is the tour going? It must be a great feeling to be selling out shows over here.

It's so much fun. Yeah, it's pretty crazy to think we have fans in a ton of different countries. Thanks, internet! We love the UK, the crowds here are even louder and rowdier than some of the crowds back in the US.

It was The Sing-Off that made you guys a household name in the US. Have you had a chance to stop and really let your success sink in?

We have moments every now and again where we think to ourselves: "I can't believe this is all happening." But we've been so hard at work that time has flown by pretty quickly.

You post a lot of videos and performances on YouTube, how much has that online presence contributed to your success?

Our YouTube presence is 90% of our success. That's how we garnered most of our fanbase, and that's where we post our newest material.

Do you think covering such well known songs helps people to sit up and take notice?

For sure. We're known for our covers and our unique takes on hit pop songs, and currently, we're trying to transition into more original material. The popularity of our covers will help us ease into the realm of original music.