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Interview with Pentatonix: "PTX Volume 1" EP

Scott Hoying and Avi Kaplan from acapella band Pentatonix, and winners of the third season of The Sing Off, talk to Suite101 about their new EP and tour.

On Monday, July 2, 2012, Suite101 spoke via phone with Scott Hoying and Avi Kaplan from the acapella band Pentatonix. They were the winners of the third season of The Sing Off, which was presented by Nick Lachey (the former lead singer of 98 Degrees). They talk about their new EP PTX Volume 1 and their forthcoming tour dates.

The group is made up of Mitch Grassi, Scott, and Kirstie Maldonado on lead vocals, Avi on vocal bass, and beatboxer Kevin Olusola.

“The Sing Off” Win

“It was crazy! It is something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives,” Scott says.

Debut EP

Their newest EP debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes Pop Chart.

“That felt incredible. We didn’t think that the EP would do that well, but we were hoping it would. It was in the Top 10 for the whole week, and we were on Cloud 9. All our fans are loyal and went and bought it immediately,” Scott says. “I hope that the fans enjoy it and they should be on the lookout for the next EP.”

Scott reveals that his personal favorite song on the EP is “Starships,” since it “showcases their personalities,” meanwhile Avi selects “Aha!” due to its stunning arrangement.

Recognition from Media

They have garnered praise from such media outlets as Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post, as well as pop culture personalities Ryan Seacret and Perez Hilton. “It feels awesome to know that what we love to do has gotten attention like that. Sometimes people even recognize us on the street,” Scott says.

“Show You How to Love”

“I sat down and I actually wrote this song in one day,” Avi says. “Once I put the melodies together, I showed it to the group and they really loved it. It was amazing just to be inspired to write an actual pop song.”

“The Baddest Girl”

“I wrote ‘The Baddest Girl’ and we know that we wanted two original songs on the EP. I ended up writing it by myself in one day, since I was inspired by a dysfunctional relationship that I saw,” Scott says.

Upcoming Tour

“We have a tour coming up in September of 2012 and we will play at B.B. Kings in New York, the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, and we are really excited about all of those shows,” Scott says. “We will be performing songs from the show, and we will do new material, and we will have a lot more surprises.”

“You can also expect a lot of silliness because when we are on stage we are going to be ourselves and we’ll have a lot of fun,” Avi says.

Beyonce and Imogen Heap

Scott notes that he would love to someday work with Beyonce. “She has an incredible work ethic and she is down-to-earth and she can dance. I respect her a lot.”

“I would love to work with Imogen Heap since she has a beautiful voice and her music is brilliant,” Avi says.