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Press Quotes:

“Pentatonix, who seem to have come out of nowhere in the past few years have become an act you need to know as they’ve become one of the most popular a cappella groups in the world" Hugh McIntrye -Forbes magazine 2015


"It’s impossible for anyone to hear a recording and see a YouTube clip of Pentatonix and not be astounded at their vocal dexterity and creativity. Baz Luhrmann


Pentatonix, "That's Christmas to Me"

The fresh a cappella quintet continues its impressive streak of beautifully sung, creative arrangements, from a tempo-shifting "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" to a delightfully unexpected mash-up of "Winter Wonderland" with "Don't Worry Be Happy," and a surprising and gorgeous re-imagining of Fleet Foxes' lush breakout single, "White Winter Hymnal."

Grade: Christmas Miracle

Journal Sentinel


With their PTX: Vol. III, Pentatonix have transformed into something completely cataclysmic and are poised for superstardom. The new disc supplies (their own original “On My Way Home” the highest, most sparkling skyscraper moment) a new-found sense of poise and confidence. Popdust

"There was madrigal complexity, swing-jazz harmonies and vocals shooting across the stage from singer to singer like an auditory magic trick. Pentatonix's rhythm was as precise as its pitch, if not more. Pentatonix hit all the right notes." Boston Globe

"Pentatonix displays mad vocal prowess, period! Their skill at executing arrangements flawlessly was also something of a marvel." Broadway World 2014

"Mitch Grassi frequently hit high notes like Freddie Mercury. Avi Kaplan's beguiling baritone was so deep, it practically made Barry White sound like Mercury. But beyond their technical skill, the group showcased engaging emotional range. Pentatonix seems poised to make a cappella bigger than anyone thought possible." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Pentatonix's performance at the sold-out State Theatre was screamingly triumphant. They had a strong sense of musicality, humor, showmanship,fun and put on a nearly flawless 90-minute show."Minneapolis Star Tribune

"No strictly vocal act sounds more ecstatic in triumph than Pentatonix, the Texas-based winners of The Sing-Off's third season that sold out Union Transfer on Monday. Euphoric best describes the joyful, self-described "futuristic a cappella" quintet who played before a wildly enthusiastic Philly audience." Philadelphia Inquirer

"Individually, smooth baritone Scott Hoying, ace alto Kristie Maldonado, high-pitched Mitch Grassi, resonating bass singer Avi Kaplan and beat-boxer Kevin Olusola were swell during solos. In particular, Kaplan's fluid low notes and Olusola's arsenal of percussive tones, and their rhythmic clicks, whirrs, bleats, and screeches were delicious." Philadelphia inquirer

"The growing success of Pentatonix blatantly defies musical purists. A cappella is musical purity, and Pentatonix is doing what it can to make pop music about unadulterated sound rather than a studio-born, micro-managed image." Huffington Post

"(Pentatonix are) a formidable musical force, creating full, interesting arrangements that sound as good (and, on occasion, better) than the song's they're covering" Huffington Post

"Pentatonix has every chance of becoming the first a cappella group to truly go mainstream. They are making a cappella cool again" Huffington Post

"The group, composed of Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, is simply spectacular. They are the proven product of extraordinary talent and a breath of fresh air in the era of auto-tuned and lip-synched concerts." CBS-TV Minnesota


Celebrity Quotes:

"Omg y'all. my favs. been waiting! better SING!" Ariana Grande August 2014

"Scott & Mitch are FLAWLESS!" - Beyonce March 14, 14

"dear @PTXofficial, can we be best friends? this is everything: youtube.com/watch?v=tA53EsnzlIg" Tweet from artist Christina Perri 2/24/14

"Our minds are blown by @PTXofficial's cover of Say Something. Seriously can't stop watching it - youtu.be/0dYlvdLdK9wA Great Big World February 2014

"Finally had the chance to meet our former Persons of the Week - the unstoppable acapella group Pentatonix. They are somehow even more wonderful in person, and their music will change your whole day." Diane Sawyer/ABC World News

"I'm sure most people have seen this but so sick" Channing Tatum post on facebook after watching "Royals" video

"You can tell this band just pulsates with musical love." Perez Hilton

"To be able to just chill with no recording/production equipment and bust out live, sickly, in-tune harmonies is a daunting feat, but these talented young Sing-Off (winners) pull it off perfectly." Perez Hilton

"The power they get out of just five voices is insane!" ryanseacrest.com

"This is incredible[...] as excited as I was when I heard Take 6 for the first time." Stevie Wonder commenting on Pentatonix today on 94.7 The WAVE after hearing their version of "Angels We Have Heard On High".


7 Reasons You Should Love Pentatonix


The Season 3 winner of the (now renewed) a cappella singing competition, 'The Sing-Off' is completing the second round of US touring and is currently working on their second short form album, 'PTX, Vol. 2.' Get to know them before the tour ends and the new album drops.

This is Pentatonix

1. They take songs you kinda, sorta like and do amazing a cappella arrangements that you can't forget. Their most recent cover is of 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons and features pop-violinist Lindsey Stirling.
2. Scott Hoying can do vocal riffs your mind can not fathom. Scott, for all intents and purposes, is the frontman of the group. If vocal power was measured in wattage, he'd be able to power Manhattan. Source: Scott Hoying's YouTube
3. Mitch Grassi has the voice of an angel. Dubbed 'the prettiest voice I've ever heard' by Boys 2 Men's Shawn Stockman, Mitch can take you to heaven and back. (video features a brief Kevin intro) Source: fromreal's YouTube / via: youtu.be
4. Kirstie Maldonado is nobody's underdog. The lone female in the group, Kirstie is a force not to be reckoned with. Because she will destroy you. All that power in a small, humble package. She gives you life and you never see it coming. Source: Connor Smith's YouTube / via:youtube.com
5. Kevin Olusola beatboxes and plays the cello...at the same damn time. Don't even get me started on how versatile this man is. You want cello? Okay. You want trumpet? He can do that. You want a dubstep beat drop? Let him get a drink of water first and then he has you. You need a rap verse? He'll spit it, while keeping the percussion going. Source: IrsYesger's YouTube / via: youtu.be
6. Avi Kaplan can do overtones and jump octaves in a single breath. Overtones are essentially singing two notes at the same time (Yes, you read that correctly), which makes for an incredible sound. Not only that, Avi's operatically trained bass cannon sounds great in the second octave or the third (and his speaking voice seems to drive everyone mad). Source: theredm35's YouTube / via: youtu.be
7. They don't just do covers. This is one of their original songs off the first EP, 'PTX, Vol. 1' called 'Baddest Girl.' Source: The Stylish's YouTube
Now, if you haven't fell in love with them by now, watch this playlist of all of their performances on NBC's The Sing-Off. Source: ThePentaholic's YouTube