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If ‘N Sync Refuses to Get Back Together At Least We Have Pentatonix

Posted by Emily Exton on 12/12/2012 at 6:18 PM Videos

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Missing Boy Band Week? Same here! Throughout that wonderful and informative trip down memory lane, there were internal rumblings that despite the demand, the chances of an ‘N Sync reunion are about as likely as Lindsay Lohan paying for the box of Pop-Tarts in her purse. But fortunately for those of us with vintage posters of a cornrowed Justin Timberlake on our walls, Pentatonix understands our nostalgia-driven culture, as well as the true beauty found within a ‘N Sync harmony.

Here the proud cappella wizards—who have covered everyone from Britney Spears to LMFAO on their Sing-Off journey and beyond—seamlessly blend tracks from all three of ‘N Sync’s albums, including “Tearin’ Up My Heat,” “Bye Bye Bye” and “Pop.” Sure, you loved Pitch Perfect this year, but let’s not forget that NBC’s magical a cappella hour got there first. Shout-out to Scott for the excellent, Timberlake-esque pronunciation of “me” (sounds like “may”) on “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Really, Justin, J.C., Chris, Lance and Joey. If you guys can’t work out your differences or find time in your (somewhat) busy schedules, we’ll manage.