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The Odyssey Presents: An Interview with Pentatonix

by Danielle Weiner - 4 days ago in 500 Words On

When reminiscing about Athens, GA one cannot help but recall of our long standing musical past. In the spirit of our issue's throwback theme, it's important that we celebrate our town talents such as the B 52's and, of course, REM.
In the spirit of continuing this tradition, this spring our humble little town will be fortunate enough to again host a skew of other ridiculously talented musicians. Within this wonderful jumble of artists, none other than Pentatonix!

After a whirlwind experience of winning the 3rd season of NBC's Sing off, they have amazingly decided to grace our Classic City stage. Selling out their first ever concert at the Ga Theatre, their March 26th concert will absolutely exist as one for the books!
Brimming with questions, the writers at the The Odyssey were ecstatic to be provided with the amazing opportunity to conduct a short interview with band member Mitchell C. Grassi!

Providing us with some inspiring advice, as well as a couple laughs, here's what Pentatonix had to say:

Q: So first off: While here in Athens, what are you looking most forward to, and why did you guys pick the GA Theatre as a performance venue?

A: Well! We've never visited Athens before, so I'm excited to see what it has to offer! We picked the Georgia Theatre because we had heard wonderful things about it, and that it's a beautiful venue!

Q: Obviously you guys travel a TON. What’s your funniest road trip/tour story?

A: I think the funniest memory I have is Kirstie hiding in random places on our bus and scaring our production manager! He would ALWAYS get scared, too. I felt bad for him but it was also hilarious.

Q: What’s your advice to any college student struggling to follow their dreams?

A: I would say just keep persevering and don't give up if it gets tough. Be passionate, and dare to be different. Most importantly, don't compare yourself to others. You're on your own path.

Q: If you could pick any spirit animal to represent your band, what would it be and why?

A: I would say maybe a lion? Because we're quite a force, and we make bold moves musically. We're also very protective of each other.

Q: How has being in a world famous A cappella group affected your Tinder matches?

A: (Laughs) Well, I definitely get recognized more. But everyone is always really nice.

You hear that, Athenians? Better get excited for March 26th, seeing as Pentatonix will no doubt blow the lid off the Georgia Theatre!