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By Jeryl Brunner , April 8, 2014

Grassi, one of the lead vocalists of the hit group Pentatonix, shares his passion for New York City. The band performs in NYC at the Beacon Theater on April 10th.

What Do You Love About New York?

1. I always love going to see a Broadway show! I could definitely see myself doing one. The first Broadway show I saw was Wicked. It was my third time seeing it (I had seen it outside of New York), but seeing it on Broadway was so special. I just love how intense Wicked is, so emotional and also hilarious. And seeing it on a Broadway stage was really powerful.

2. I love the bar Bourbon Street. I went there for my twenty-first birthday. I like how there is no pressure to feel cool or fit in or anything like that at that bar. I just had a really good time with my friends. And then we went club hopping after that.

3. I like going to Times Square. I always manage to end up there somehow. There’s just so much to do. And there’s always a bunch of very interesting people around. The people watching is fantastic. What a great way to get a rush of excitement. I had always wanted to visit Times Square ever since I was young because I was so involved in the theatre and that was the place to be.