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Interview with Pentatonix

1) Your cover of Daft Punk on YouTube currently have 20 Million Views! Could you tell me more about this video and its refreshing concept?

Well thank you! We collaborated in the past with Fifgen Films on videos like our Swedish House Mafia mashup and our Lindsey Stirling collab “Radioactive” (which now has almost 50 million views). We loved working with them so we asked them to conceptualize a video for our Daft Punk medley. They had the idea for us to look very “Daft Punk” with the different lighting schemes and special makeup. Scott wanted the white hair & eyebrows look, Avi really wanted cornrows, and Kirstie found a make-up person to paint her face (which took more than an hour for her!). We also picked out the blue contacts, although I personally wanted some high-tech glasses (which I found at Wildstyle on Melrose Street in Los Angeles). Fifgen Films flew down from Oregon, and we filmed the whole video in our apartment! They created a fort that consisted of a big black screen, a smoke machine, a central ring light, and different color lights. Each member went into the fort with them and filmed it their part. The whole shoot took about a day!

2) PTX VOL. 2 Album is now available on iTunes. Could you tell me how was it like to create this long awaited album and what we can expect from it?
Yes, it is available! It was a lengthy process (about a full year). We knew we wanted it to be 8 songs, four covers and four originals. Unlike the first album, we started with the originals first. We wrote them on the road during our first tournd finished them at home before our second tour in late January of 2013. Then we found covers throughout the year and recorded the whole album in LA whenever we were off the road. In terms of what to expect, we definitely expanded upon our sound from the first album! We used stomps and claps a lot more, and the beatboxing in a lot of songs is more vocal (ex. you can hear more breaths and sighs, “oh’s and ahhs”). We also wanted to add more ballads to our repertoire with “Valentine” and our original “Run To You”. We’re so proud of this album, and we hope you enjoy it!
3) What is that one unique thing that sets Pentatonix apart from other artists out there?
I think the main quality that sets us apart is that we make all our music using our voices or body. We don’t use instruments (except for when we collaborate, of course lol). In today’s industry, music seems to be overproduced. We want to bring a raw, organic, and pure sound back to the industry, and there’s nothing that can top that when using only voices!
4)Could you tell me about the challenges you guys faced to get to where you are today?

There are many! I think the main challenge is convincing people that a cappella can be popular in the music industry. Many people didn’t think our band could have a career in music because a cappella isn’t hip or cool. But Glee and Pitch Perfect are two pieces of entertainment that have attracted millions of viewers! We knew that it was possible, and we so we made sure our sound was innovate and infectious. Thankfully, using YouTube has helped us spread our music to a point where we now have almost 3M subscribers in 2 years! We’re so thankful for the fans, and we’re going to continue to making great music for you all!
5) Being active on Twitter, what kind of tweets will attract the attention of you guys?
Maybe something like, “COME TO SINGAPORE, @PTXofficial!!!!” lol We really hope to go someday :)

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