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Pentatonix Live in Singapore!

August 18, 2014

Pentatonix’s (PTX) first show in Singapore was incredibly aca-mazing, and that’s saying a lot for their 3 shows of 1,600 each which, almost instantaneously sold-out! Even Singapore’s very own talent scene was excited, with celebrities like Sezairi Sezali and members from The Sam Willows, seen at the concert too!

Okay, so here are the details!

The show started at 8pm sharp, with audience members settling down just as the lights began to dim. Instantly, PTX starts the show with their “Daft Punk Medley”, which now has 86 millions over views on YouTube. It was like a dream, listening to what was my YouTube playlist favorite, being sung live that night.

Their vocals were beautiful, their harmony solid. Their ambient stage lighting was also, always on point too; kudos to the effects team for that!

Mid-way into the show, they sang their first single off their upcoming “PTX Vol.III”, a cover of the young and talented Ariana Grande’s, “Problem”.

Can I say more? It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was even better, with Mitch Grassi totally slaying it during every rap segment. It was just, SO GOOD!

Their famous “Beyoncé Medley” was truly flawless, I must say. But I enjoyed it better, when PTX performed one of their originals, ”Natural Disaster”. The crowd was asked to sing-along, too, gaining Scott Hoying’s approval with a, “Singapore, you sound great! Totally on tune!” Well, thanks Scott, it’s in our blood. Sing-apore, get it?

The hit that captivated the whole 1,600 strong audience, was another original, “Run To You”. The harmony and bass was so soothing to the ears, adding to the effect of many to close their eyes and think of something, or someone whom they’ve always wanted to be with. I was near tears!

After their last number, “Can’t Hold Us”, cheers from the crowd brought them back on stage for an encore. PTX owned the current hits of, “Thrift Shop” and “We Are Young”. It was then that the theatre turned into a mosh, where I could feel the energy infused by the group.

Even though they were so hyped up, not a single note was flat. Darn PTX, that just reinforced this being one of the best nights of my 2014! #PentatonixLiveInSingapore was a refreshing welcome to the music scene here, and it’s not surprising that they’ve won the Sing Off in the first place. Thank you Pentatonix, for such a beautiful experience.

PS. Did we mention we even got to meet them backstage and pass them some customised handmade lollipops from Sticky and awesome audio products from JAYS by Sweden