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Thursday, 20 February 2014

What do you expect from a concert you've bought tickets for? For me, talent, great stage presence, some solid vocals and a bit of dancing all contribute to a good performance. Well, fans of Pentatonix will tell you, the popular a capella group brought that and more, to their sold out show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver Wednesday night.

From low to high, the group hit every note as fans of all ages, literally babies, to those in their sixties, were there to celebrate a love for music. Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grasi, Avi Kaplan and Kevin "K.O." Olusola captured their audience with their raw talent.

Bearing it all, the quintet kicked off the eventful night with a few covers, as the crowd sang and danced to the tunes they all knew. Moments later, you could hear a pin drop as they sang new originals on lookers didn't know, but couldn't wait to learn. Jaws dropped as Grasi hit notes as high as Minnie Riperton, and hearts melted as Kaplan's deep, low voice shook the ground, and took over the room.

Convinced there was a set of drums hidden somewhere on stage, Olusola proved us wrong as we got a closer look at his lips against the microphone, showcasing the art of beatboxing. The only time a single instrument was used was when he brought multitasking to a whole new level. Out came the cello and the music that was made, right there before our very eyes, was unbelievable!

Maldonado took the venue by storm with her vocals a number of times, but if I had to choose, my personal favourite, it would be the group's rendition of "Say Something". The song itself is beautiful...but Maldonado made it her own, as she belted the lyrics, and you saw into her soul.

Hoying brought his voice and dance moves to the stage in full force. Fans swooned as he moved his hips and sung solo after solo. I can quite honestly say, although I'd seen their videos, nothing can show you just how much talent these five have, like a live show.


When the opportunity for someone to go on stage arose, the crowds hands waved in the air hopelessly praying they'd be the chosen one. Making everyone in the room packed wall to wall jealous, Kim was picked from 1,250 people, and I must say, she was the best one for it. Never have I seen someone act so appropriately. She fit right in. A definite fan, as you could tell by her Pentatonix T-shirt and excitement riddled face...but she kept her cool, and became a part of the act with wicked dance moves, a giant smile, and a heart happy to be a part of it all. The crowd was talking about her when the show was done, pleased with how well she handled herself, and stating that they would not have been the same, would not have been as composed, if Hoying sat on their lap, or they had the chance to be hugged by any of the talented five.

Yes, Pentatonix brought a whole new meaning to the word "talent" Wednesday. I can still hear the beating of the drums made from their voices, the perfect harmonies, and the flawless synchronization of their melodies. If you haven't yet, I definitely suggest you check out the bands videos, buy their CD's, and look over their tour dates to see if BY CHANCE, there are any tickets left for a show near you. Find more on Pentatonix at

I can't wait to one day ask each of them to..."Show me your socks!" I can only imagine what's hiding under those awesome shoes.