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Pentatonix takes a cappella to a new level on latest

In this world, we have people who follow paths and people who pave them.

Acappella group Pentatonix has taken non-instrumental vocal artistry to an entirely new level and is paving a way for acapella groups into the mainstream. After winning The Sing Off, the five members of the group: Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado and Kevin Olusola decided that they wanted to not only continue covering songs that people love – they also wanted to start writing new and original songs for people to love.

Their latest EP, PTX Vol. III, features three original tracks that are equally as catchy as the cover songs that are also included. “It wasn’t incredibly easy,” says Mitch Grassi about the groups transition into writing original songs, “only a select few of us had written songs before.”

“We want to become an actual band that just happens to use their vocals, instead of a novelty a cappella group,” Grassi continued.

If their latest EP is any indication of their songwriting ability, I have no doubt that they will accomplish everything they hope for! Please enjoy my Q&A with Mitch Grassi below and make sure to buy a copy of Pentatonix’s latest EP! I know you’ll love it!

Your EP, PTX Vol. III, was just released and it’s great! How exciting! What is your favorite memory from the recording process?
Thank you! I just loved the creative process on this one. We were on the road a lot for the making of the album, and I think we were really influenced by the places we visited. There’s a bit more of a world influence on this one.

What was the experience like when transitioning to writing original songs after singing covers for so long?
It wasn’t incredibly easy. Only a select few of us had even written songs before. We were by no means professional songwriters, so we struggled with starting from scratch. We figured out, too, that writing all together wasn’t effective. Too many different ideas. It’s a really vulnerable thing to write a song, so we prefer writing in ones or twos.

How have your goals changed and how do you feel like you’ve grown since you won ‘The Sing-Off’?
We want to become an actual band that just happens to use their vocals, instead of a novelty a cappella group. We’ve grown so much since the show! I think we really figured out our own sound and our creative process, as well. And definitely matured as performers.

I just saw your new video for “Papaoutai” with Lindsey Sterling and I loved it! How did that collaboration come together and what was unique about working with Lindsey?
Thank you! We were so pleased with our last collaboration with Lindsey (a cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”), and we thought she would sound fantastic on this sort of eerie, dark track. Working with Lindsey is always inspiring because she gives her 100% all the time, especially during video shoots. I’m shocked by her stamina — I was exhausted after one take!

How do you choose which songs you’d like to cover next?
Someone will bring a song that they particularly like to the group, and if the group likes it / is inspired by it, we get to work!