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The Top 10 Best-Selling Albums of 2014 Were...

By Hugh McIntyre


There are plenty of ways to measure who had the best year when it comes to any industry, and any of them can be considered correct. In music, you could look at what the most-streamed songs were, which albums spent the most weeks on the charts, or even who sold the most on certain sites, all of which would show you that there are a number of artists who all had an incredible year, no matter how you spin the numbers.

Just recently, Billboard announced their final rankings for the best-selling albums of 2014. Earlier last month, the charts company released a list of CDs that had performed the best using a combined methodology, but they waited until the end of the year to see who actually moved the most product (looking purely at sales), and it’s a good thing, as every little bit counted in the end.

Here are the ten best-selling albums of 2014:


4. Pentatonix - That’s Christmas
This group was unknown by many last year, but with just one Christmas album, they have moved mountains. This was by far and away the biggest holiday album of the year, a spot usually reserved for a big name who has an already-established fan base.