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EmilyThinks.net: First off, I’ve read a lot about your charity involvement. Including taking part in activities for The Trevor Project and Party with a Purpose. I think that’s really admirable. What first sparked
your interest in philanthropy? And what organizations do you support?
Mitch Grassi: We’ve always been a group interested in “giving back.” Trevor Project was the first one we took interest in, because bullying has become so prevalent over the past few years, and each day, kids are finding new ways to emotionally/physically hurt others. Being someone who was mildly bullied in grade school, I know how much it hurts and how lonely it can be to be different, especially for youth in the LGBTQ community. We’ve also participated in Not For Sale, which aims to end human trafficking and slavery.

EmilyThinks.net: It’s super fun that your albums include both original and cover songs, is there a song you’d like cover but haven’t yet? How do you decide which songs to cover?
Mitch: There are a good number of songs that I would LOVE to cover. However, my taste in music is a bit too eccentric for mainstream audiences [laughs]. Typically, a band member will bring a song to the group that he or she has been inspired by recently, and if it fits the group’s style, then we will begin arranging it.

EmilyThinks.net: What is the most meaningful song you have had the chance to sing/record? Why?
Mitch: I would say Run To You. It was the first song we recorded all together in the same studio. To us, it’s an incredibly meaningful song, but each in our own way. And I really think the lyrics can apply to anybody, no matter what circumstance.

EmilyThinks.net: Your covers have had millions upon millions of views. Did you ever think you’d become such a big hit?
Mitch: Honestly, no! Not that we didn’t believe in ourselves, but acappella is such a foreign concept to the general public that we didn’t think it would be as widely accepted as it has been. I think also what our viewers admire is that we are true to ourselves, instead of trying to be a mainstream pop act.

EmilyThinks.net: What’s next for Pentatonix?
Mitch: We’re excited to say that we’re going back on tour in 2014! Our US tour starts in February, then we go to Europe from there. Aside from constant touring, we are going to work on more original material and even more YouTube videos. Stay tuned, everyone!