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Published on March 7th, 2013

Next week hometown favorites Pentatonix will return to the Metroplex, bringing their unique sound to the House of Blues. The vocal group has set out on their second headlining tour and promises this show is bigger and better. It’s a guaranteed good time and General Admission will run you around 30 bucks. If you’re looking for something more premium the band has some VIP packages available that will get you some cool extras. Tickets are available through Livenation.com

We recently got to chat with Mitch and Kirstie about life on tour and in the group. So check out what they had to say below and then be sure to go see their show on Wednesday March 13th at the House of Blues in Dallas.

First I want to start by saying thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions, and congrats on a hugely successful tour last year.

Mitch & Kirstie: Thank you very much!

What can your fans expect with this tour? How will it differ from last years?

Mitch: It’s totally different from our last tour. We added a set, an amazing light show, and some fantastic choreography. It’s quite a production.

What was the biggest thing you learned on your last tour?

Kirstie: I learned how to better keep myself healthy so that I can perform decently each night! I think that’s the hardest part of being on tour. You’re susceptible to so many things that can be detrimental to your voice, your performance, etc so you really have to take care of yourself. I sleep as much as possible and hydrate. As a singer it was interesting to use trial and error to learn how to better place my notes. So that when I belt I’m not going so hard every time and end up without a voice the next night. It’s been a delicate balance. I’ve learned a lot about my voice though and what I can and can’t do on tour.

Do you each have a favorite song to perform during your show and why?

Mitch: My favorite song to perform is actually tour-exclusive! So I’m not going to reveal the title just yet. You will have to come see our show to find out.

Kirstie: Yeah, definitely! My personal favorite is Thrift Shop. It’s just really fun to perform and not super difficult to where I have to stress out about it. I can just do the choreography and have a good time!

You’re doing special VIP packages on the tour, how has that been, and what can the fans expect with that experience?

Kirstie: It’s been so much fun! I love getting to meet everyone and seeing who all comes to our shows. We have such a variety of people that come with so many different stories and I just love interacting with people that share the same love we do! Depending on the package, you can come to sound check, chat with us, take pictures, and get us to sign a cool holographic poster that makes me feel like you just got the lucky awesome card out of the Pokemon card pack!!

Are you all sharing one tour bus? If so is it challenging being around each other so much? Does anyone have any bad habits like leaving clothes everywhere?

Mitch: Yes, we all share. And it’s a bit more cramped than usual because we have a whole crew now! We all leave our stuff everywhere and we’ve had to have many clean-up days where we just move all of our belongings from the common areas to our bunks and suitcases.

Kirstie: Yes! It could be, but our entire team gets along so well and honestly we all sleep so much, or we’re off doing our own thing before sound check that we never get sick of seeing each other. There are clothes EVERYWHERE. It’s painful to see. I have one compartment where I stuff all my things but the mess definitely can pile up with a total of 11 people on the bus.

Have you started work on PTX Volume 2? Any songs in particular you really want to do for it?

Kirstie: Yes and we’re excited about it! Oh geez….I can think of a lot that would be really cool to do, but we haven’t made any final decisions yet.

What do you think it’s going to take to get Pentatonix on the radio? People obviously like you, your youtube videos get millions of hits alone. Do you think Mainstream Radio is afraid to take a chance on a purely vocal group?

Kirstie: Thank you! I know a lot goes in to getting radio play. It’s a process and it’s an investment. I think right now we’re really just trying to write that hit song, a song everyone can get in to. Then just everyone’s continued support!

Are there any current musicians you’d love to collaborate with? If you could pick any person dead or alive who would it be?

Mitch: Absolutely! I would love to sing with Frank Ocean. It’d be sick if he wrote a song for us, or he sang on one of our tracks. He’s a genius. I would also LOVE to create a beat for Azealia Banks. She’s the best rapper out there right now.

Kirstie: Well the obvious answer is Beyonce! She’s such an incredible performer and vocalist, she really gets the full package and she works it!

The first time you came home and performed at Martin High School after winning, the turn out was so massive you had to do two shows. The attendance at your local shows has only continued to grow. Do you get more nervous for the hometown shows because your friends and family are there, or is that more comforting?

Mitch: I love having friends and family at our shows! I love that they came to show their support, and I also love showing them how much the group has progressed.

Kirstie: Yes! I am always at least a little nervous because it is my hometown, and I want to do very well. Obviously it’s so comforting to be back and everyone’s more than welcoming. But I’ve always been that way, if friends ever came to my shows I would be like “I want to really kill this one! Gotta make em proud!” I love performing at home.

Okay to wrap it up, I like to ask local musicians some of their favorite places to go when they come home. Favorite local restaurants to grab a bite at and all around places you just enjoy visiting when you’re here and have time? Also what do you enjoy doing in what little down time you have now? Any neat hobbies or hidden talents?

Kirstie: Oh geez. I will go anywhere that has queso. It doesn’t exist in California, imagine as a Texan how sad I was! The second I’m home I’m usually like “Oh hi, Mom, glad to be home!! Can we go to Fuzzys?” I love Jazzy Jems! I also like going to the Dallas malls or Northeast mall. I am sleeping every second of my downtime. Before I started taking my online class I was reading a lot. Now I just study and take notes a lot but it’s fun, it’s nice to be doing at least a little something academic.

Many thanks to Kirstie and Mitch for taking the time out to answer some of our questions.