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Tue, Nov 5 - 12:44 pm ET

If You Haven’t Heard This Amazing Beyonce Medley Yet, Do As Ellen Says And Listen To It
3 days ago by Jill O’Rourke

A couple of weeks ago we shared “The Evolution of Beyonce,” an amazing acapella medley of Beyonce’s greatest hits by the group Pentatonix, who came in first place in the third season of The Sing-Off. If you haven’t heard the tune yet, have no fear! Ellen DeGeneres had them perform it on her show this week. And we all know that if Ellen deems something to be awesome, it’s legally awesome. That’s just, like, the rules of pop culture. I’m pretty sure after the show Ellen took them backstage and put them in the trophy case where she keeps Sophia Grace and Rosie and all of her other collectible talents. Okay, so I have no proof that Ellen collects musical acts and keeps them in a trophy case, but I also don’t really have proof that she doesn’t do that, so…

The group sounded great in their original video, and they also sound great performing the medley live for Ellen’s audience. And we all know her audience has no right to criticize music after that hilariously embarrassing video of them singing “Blurred Lines” surfaced yesterday. So even if someone had something negative to say, I’m sure they’d keep it to themselves. Even if they weren’t featured in that video, the shame’s still got to be there subconsciously.

If you ask me, anything’s better when it’s acapella, so obviously I approve of this video wholeheartedly. It really takes me back to a time long long ago last year when I saw Pitch Perfect in the movie theater and got pitch-slapped with perfection. Seriously, let’s just take all the instruments out of songs from now on and just do them this way. People who play instruments don’t need jobs or anything, right? They’ll be fine.