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Pentatonix: 'Sing-off' stars catering to pop scene

By Nancy Wang

Posted: Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013

In contrast to Straight No Chaser, the other a cappella group making waves – Pentatonix – is new to the scene. The coed group, which has five members, won a recording contract with Sony after winning Season 3 of NBC’s reality competition “The Sing-Off.”

Pentatonix’s 2012 debut EP, “PTX Vol. 1,” quickly rose to number 14 on the Billboard 200. The group’s Christmas EP debuted at the top of the iTunes Holiday Albums in November; its second original EP is due out early this year.

The group is currently on its second headlining tour and is scheduled to perform Saturday in Charlotte.

Group member Avi Kaplan spoke with the Observer about the group’s reality show beginnings and the competition.

Q. How did you guys manage to beat the curse of the reality competition show and stay in the spotlight?

It’s about staying relevant. Right after the show, we really spent a lot of time putting out music and music videos and got some viral videos out of it. I think social media has really helped us, because when you’re unique, social media just really accentuates that.

Q. What do you think of Straight No Chaser?

Oh, man, I think they’re great. I wish I could see their show, and I wish they could see ours, but we are pretty different groups. Our group really tries to cater to the pop scene right now and appeal to the generation that we live in. I think we may have a younger audience overall.

Q. Where do you see a cappella going in the next few years?

It’s really coming to the forefront lately. There’s been a lot of music that is Auto-Tuned and mechanical-sounding, and I think people are reacting to that. I think people are looking for something that has a more honest, raw sound, like a cappella.