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AXSNashville talks with American Idol’s Rayvon Owen, coming soon to Ryman

By: Linda Brewer AXS Contributor Jul 2, 2015

AMerican Idol. Who doesn’t recognize that hugely popular TV show, the reality singing competition that began in Britain, coming to the U.S. with the creator Simon Fuller, who also served on the panel of judges for several years? The show, a mega hit since 2003, just keeps on pumping out great ratings and mildly to mega successful artists, who consider the show their “big break.”

One awesome tradition of the series, after each annual round to find that next American Idol is over, is to take the finalists from that year and tour the country over the summer. This year, the American Idol Live! 2015 Tour will visit Nashville on July 17, at Ryman Auditorium, and the fans are excited. We've heard on the rumor mill that this year's show is a bit different, with a "storytelling" element to it, as well as a live band; we shall see at the Ryman show.

One of the featured artists in this year’s tour is Rayvon Owen. He’s a guy with the kind of voice that's inspiring and might bring a tear or two, if the timing is right, ya know? Owen was considered the (cool) cat with nine, or five, lives in his stint on Idol, bouncing back from the bottom two again and again.

Speaking to Owen being spared from being sent home week after week, Billboard writes, “During his run on American Idol, Rayvon Owen said the band had a special nickname for him: “Save On.” Indeed, the Richmond, Virginia, native often found himself in the bottom of Idol voting, only to be saved every week on Twitter as part of the show’s Twitter Fan Save.”

Despite all his time in the bottom two, the judges didn’t lose faith however, as told on Daily Mail;

'You said, ''I know I'm not the only one'',' Keith Urban told Rayvon, referring to Smith's hit song. 'But if you keep singing like that you're going to be the only one left, I promise you,' Keith told him.

'I was thinking the same thing,' added Jennifer Lopez, wearing a stunning cleavage-revealing dress.

'Wouldn't it be ironic if at the end of the day Rayvon fought his way, after being in the save every single time, to the top,' J-Lo said. 'But with vocals like that, and picking songs that are so perfect for you like that, that just might happen,' she predicted, with Harry Connick Jr calling him 'the quiet storm'.

Staying until the end of the show and being crowned the reigning American Idol didn’t happen for Owen, but let’s be real here; making it into the Final Four in a fierce competition like this is a major accomplishment, and possibly the precursor to a Idol-status career.

For now, Rayvon Owens is spending the summer touring with his fellow finalists, seemingly a tight group of pretty good pals. The tour is stopping here in Nashville to perform on July 17 at the Ryman. Think any of them will come back to Nashville to live like so many artists of late? Anyhow, AXS had the pleasure of posing a few questions to the singer with how many? lives. Enjoy.

AXSNashville Talks With American Idol’s Rayvon Owen (AXS): Describe yourself in three words:

Rayvon Owen: Optimistic, universal, accepting

AXS: Describe your music in three words:

Rayvon Owen: Emotional, hopeful, inspiring

AXS: Do you remember when you first fell in love with singing? And did you drive your family nuts wanting to sing for them?:

Rayvon Owen: Yes, I first fell in love with singing while I was a member of the children's choir in church. I didn't drive them nuts wanting to sing for them, but probably drove them nuts having them take me to tons of rehearsals and performances. They never complained though.

AXS: When did you know music was what you wanted to do?:

Rayvon Owen: I think I knew in the 8th grade that music was something that I seriously wanted to pursue. It was then when I made the decision to apply and audition for a performing arts high school where I knew music (along with acting and dancing) would take up much of my academic and free time.

AXS: What would you be doing if you weren't making music - or if you hadn't been on Idol?

Rayvon Owen: If I hadn't been on Idol, I would be still be writing music and playing college shows while substitute teaching performance classes at Musician's Institute in Hollywood. If I weren't making music, then I'd probably be an actor or artist manager.

AXS: Describe what kind of music you perform in the American Idol tour?:

Rayvon Owen: The kind of music I perform in the American Idol tour is much like what people have seen me perform on the show - very emotional, ballads and some Pop/Soul influenced fun songs as well.

AXS: What made you try out for American Idol? Was it your idea?

Rayvon Owen: This made my fourth or fifth time auditioning for 'Idol', but I was encouraged by my mom to give it one more shot as well as Susan Pinsky, Dr. Drew's wife. I have to give them the credit for pushing me.

AXS: What's the most exciting news you have to share with fans and readers right this moment?:

Rayvon Owen: The most exciting news I have to share with fans and readers is that I am in the works of writing new material and I cannot wait to share it with the world. 'Idol' has given me a platform and now people will get to hear a piece of my heart in original music - not just cover songs like I did on the show.

AXS: How fans can find you?

Rayvon Owen:


Twitter/Instagram/Vine: @rayvonowen

Snapchat: rayvonowen

AXS: How fans can sample your sound?

Rayvon Owen:

AXS: Where/When Nashville can see you in person

Rayvon Owen: Ryman Auditorium July 17

AXS: Where fans can buy your music now?

Rayvon Owen: iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc.

AXS: When is your current/upcoming single/album etc?

Rayvon Owen: Projected Winter 2015/2016

AXS: Anything else you’d like to say to AXSNashville readers?

Rayvon Owen: (I’m) So thankful to everyone who has supported me in this journey and I'm looking forward to sharing my music with you all! Rayvon.