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Live Show Review- Coachella Saturday

After a mixed night in Las Vegas, I was excited to make my way to the Coachella Valley for my 8th Coachella Festival. The first act that I really wanted to see was Amanda Palmer. I was first introduced to the Dresden Dolls when they opened for Nine Inch Nails in 2005. I have seen them 3 times and am always impressed with their performances. They are the type of band that I am not sure I would have been a fan of had I not seen them live before listening to them on disc. Lately I have really gotten into Amanda's solo album (cleverly named after one of my all time favorite TV shows) and it is a brilliant disc. What was I thinking missing out on her Mr. Smalls performance?! Amanda played the smallest tent, the Gobi, accompanied by cello on some songs by Zoe Keating of the band Rasputina. Right before Amanda took stage, she was preceeded by several shirtless fans painted to spell 'Amanda Fucking Palmer'. Her set definitely did not disappoint, she played many of her solo songs as well as Dresden favorites 'Coin Operated Boy' and 'Girl Anachronism'. She also played an interesting cover of Muse's 'Time is Running Out' before her superhero crowd surfing antics all the way thru the crowd to the back of the tent to play a ukulele infused cover of Radiohead's 'Creep'. I've seen so many small bands play Coachella throughout the years and I couldn't help thinking, this is how you freaking kill your set. Way to stand out and deliver. Amanda is a hot mess and the crowd loved every second of it.