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Live from Coachella: Dr. Dog, Amanda Palmer, Henry Rollins, Shirtless D-Bags
Saturday, Apr. 18 2009 @ 5:48PMBy Albert Ching in Coachella
Sup. Broadcasting LIVE from the Corporately Sponsored AT&T Cool Down Charge Up tent. I am not really doing either at the moment, though.

Philly's Dr. Dog just finished up at the Mojave tent a bit ago, and as Larry David might say, they were "pretty, pretty good." Tracks like "Worst Trip" and "The Beach" ruled it, though they made reference to some problems with their distortion pedal. Aww.

Why are the little booklets with the settimes and the maps always so hard to come by every year? Precious cargo, they are.

Saw Amanda Palmer, of Dresden Dolls fame. (They're pretty famous, right?) She did "Oasis," a banned-in-the-UK (according to her, at least, not really sure how in this day and age they can ban a song from a whole country) tune about abortion. Scandal! She also did DD song "Coin-Operated Boy" and covered "Time Is Running Out" by Muse. But the best part is when she got a picture from her laptop camera for Twitpic'ing purposes. "What's Twitter?" asked a bewildered young lady next to me. "Oh, it's like a social networking site," answered her friend. "Only it's all status updates." Weird conversation. Kind of sounded like they were reading directly from the Twitter FAQ.

Speaking of Twitpics, I've posted a couple good ones today, including this one of shirtless white dudes dancing to hip-hop on top of their Hummer. Douches of hte week? Frontrunners, at the very least.

(read our Twitter, by the way? Also check out updates from our Spencer Kornhaber, who tells us this: "Dropped by Amanda Palmer in time to see her crowdsurf to back of tent n perform "Creep" from there.")

Henry Rollins has been doing the spoken word thing for a while now, but I've never seen him do it until today. He talked about visiting the killing fields in Cambodia, among other uplifting topics (not sarcasm!). "I want to bomb Israel and Palesteine," he said. "Yeahbuhwha?" you ask? "With Ramones albums." Haha, Rollins, you nearly got me. He also praised the virtues of world travel. "The world is waiting for you with open arms," he said. I remain unconvinced. The world has never seemed that great.

Calexico is starting, I think, but TV on the Radio is on in 20. That should be something.