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Amanda Palmer escapes Comic-Con for the hills of Lake Tahoe

The Dresden Dolls frontwoman covers Michael Jackson, Bright Eyes at Wanderlust

Jul 27, 2009

Amanda Palmer "escaped" from Comic-Con in San Diego to perform at the Wanderlust Festival in the mountains of Lake Tahoe this afternoon (July 26).

The singer appeared at the renowned comic and science fiction convention before heading to the yoga and music festival in Northern California.

"We're on a mountain. What the fuck?" she said. "I was in the strangest fucking place yesterday. I was in San Diego at Comic-Con. Going from Comic-Con to Wanderlust is crazy. It's all about the demographic," she told the crowd.

Palmer kicked off her set with a cover of Bright Eyes' 'Lua' before launching into 'Dear Old House That I Grew Up In'. "Conor's awesome but this an Amanda fucking Palmer original," she said.

The Dresden Dolls frontwoman alternated between her ukulele and keyboard, performing her band's popular tune 'Coin-Operated Boy' to the delight of the crowd.

Palmer also performed a haunting, slowed-down rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' on piano, and concluded with 'I Google You', a song that she and her boyfriend, author Neil Gaiman, wrote together.

After her set, Palmer told NME.COM that she felt like she was "in the 'Sound Of Music' performing on the side of a mountain. "In terms of terrain, it's probably the most beautiful festival I've ever seen," she said, adding that it was a far cry from Comic-Con.

"Comic-Con was a crazy adventure," she said. "Neil Gaiman, my boyfriend, and I had to hide because he's like a celebrity there. People were chasing him down." The couple were there promoting their new book, 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer'.