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Amanda Palmer
The Culture Room
Map data ©2009 Tele Atlas - Terms of Use 3045 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
When: Saturday, March 28
Event Phone Number: 954-564-1074
With noir piano-punk duo the Dresden Dolls on indefinite hiatus, frontwoman Amanda Palmer has set out on her own. Her new disc, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer,” finds the Bostonian biting off and spitting out verses and pounding the piano with as much, or more, vigor as her Dolls material. For this tour, Palmer’s ditched the idea of a backup band, filling their place on stage with Australian performance art group Danger Ensemble. Ah, yes, Amanda’s back!

The Basics
Music Style: Alternative, Experimental, Goth, Indie, Punk, and Rock