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Amanda Palmer @ The Sugar Club in Dublin 16.02.09
February 18, 2009 by Comfortcomes

The Sugar Club may be one of the only place I enjoy going to in Dublin. It looks like a cinema-theatre; everyone can see what is happening on stage while being seated. Amanda confirms later on her appreciation of the venue “This looks like fucking civilized”. The gig was sold out. No wonder why, being the front woman of the internationally known punk cabaret band “The Dresden Dolls”. It did not seem to take that much to continually grab the attention of the audience; A keyboard and a Ukulele. The most talented artists have the ability to impress anyone with barely anything. She sang a couple of songs by “The Dresden dolls “ along her new songs including “Astronaut” for the opening of the show. This is the first single taken from her recently released debut solo album “Who killed Amanda Palmer”. She did not seem to be dead but rather full of energy. She ended the show by playing a cover of Radiohead’s Creep on the ukulele while the entire crowd was singing along. People stood in queue blocking the exit door. It looked like they were on a plane waiting to be unloaded but they were actually waiting to get an autograph. We had to wait for them to leave but I did not blame them. Yet this was one of the best gigs in Dublin since Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Leonard Cohen. Please come back soon.

Amanda Palmer released her debut solo album last September 2008 “Who killed Amanda Palmer” and is actually on tour through Europe, Australia, USA and Japan. For more information about her coming gigs and .

By Aure´lie Montfrond