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Twitter Celebrities and their Fans
by Suzanne on April 18, 2009

If you’ve been involved in the Twitterverse (as I have) this past week, you’ve witnessed a celeberity/fan phenomenon. Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to a contest to see who could get 1,000,000 followers first. I know it sounds pretty silly but it was interesting to watch. He managed to whip the Twitterverse (is that word annoying you yet???) into a frenzy of followers. And he did something unique. He streamed the last 30 minutes live from his home with his family in the background cheering him on. They watched as he reached the million followers, celebrated with his wife, and showed a check for $10,000 that he was donating to an organization that provides malaria nets.

What does all of this mean? It means that this is a new way of connecting with fans. You can notify them LIVE of any event, actitivty or project. They can share in all your victories and contribute to them if you so choose.

Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls has recognized the power of Twitter. So much so that she’s trying to drop her label and do her own record/concert promotions:

…(she’s) creating a social-exchange relationship with her fans in which they choose to give her (and her performers) not just their attention, but also their money, because they want to. They know intuitively that it is the right thing to do. It’s about them understanding that she has given of herself to them, and that if they want to keep that relationship in balance, they should give back to her. That’s how loving relationships work. Attention and money are two ways they can repay her for the music, the attention, and the loving that she gives them.

You can read the entire article here. It seems even Oprah has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. And if Oprah puts her seal of approval on it, you know it won’t be long before a whole slew of celebrities follow.