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Amanda Palmer/Vermillion Lies
Last year's Who Killed Amanda Palmer was a departure for the vocalist for the Dresden Dolls, and not a moment too soon. You still have to tolerate a lot of overblown vocals from our titular heroine, but Palmer's solo debut is a sharp mix of lovely introspection and pounding histrionics. There's also the pro-abortion pop ditty "Oasis," where the mindless narrator manages to serve both sides of the debate. You might get the slow version in concert, but the joke still works. Unfortunately, the live show is less of a Dolls departure. No fan can love Palmer as much as she loves herself.

Also, you have to endure the sisters of Vermillion Lies, who cater to the Dresden Dolls' old fan base. Their cabaret is more Tin Can Alley than Grand Guignol, but it's still Goth night at the women's college Glee Club. (Tuesday, March 24, Workplay.)