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10/8/2013 – 30 Seconds To Mars at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado

Full Band


Kings and Queens

This is War (Chant Intro)


Search and Destroy

Do or Die (Acapella Intro/Outro)

End of All Days

City of Angels (Sing-a-long Intro)


The Kill (Bury Me)

From Yesterday

Northern Lights


Full Band

Night of the Hunter

Closer to the Edge


Up in the Air (Fans Onstage)

Thirty Seconds to Mars is brothers Jared and Shannon Leto (drums), with guitarist Tomo Milicevic. I have been to four other shows under their album “This is War” and all of them were on the East Coast around the D.C./Maryland area. This show was especially important to me because Jared and Shannon both went to my Middle School, Longfellow Middle School, and McLean High School (Both located in McLean, Virginia.) Coming off of their European portion of the tour, I was very excited to be able to see my favorite band perform at the Fillmore in Denver. It was surprising to have them open up with Birth and right into Kings and Queens but it definitely got the crowd excited. Their new album, “Up in the Air”, was a huge success following their # 19 hit on Billboard’s top 200 and # 2 on Billboard’s Alternative Albums Chart.

Jared’s vocals were a bit shaky in the beginning but he picked it up at Do or Die. From then on, the show was just as stellar as the other four I’ve been to. The band’s acoustic session was perfect in regard to structure and song selection. Following Closer to the Edge (one of my personal favorites,) the Band invited multiple people on stage and I was able to hop up for their encore Up in the Air and enjoy the song on stage with Tomo, Shannon, and Jared. It was great to see the connection 30 Seconds to Mars had with their fans and, after the show, the trio posted up behind a table and signed hundreds of copies of their new CD and Vinyl. He personally asked me and my friend Patrick to step aside and to be interviewed for his personal documentary once we told him we were from his hometown. After the show, Shannon came out and talked with a small group of Echelon and took pictures with every one of them. It really pleases me that there are still bands who love their fans as much as 30 Seconds to Mars does.

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