Back to Thirty Seconds To Mars Change and Growth: An Interview with 30 Seconds to Mars’ Shannon Leto
28 Sep 20130
by Ricky Haldis

If one person’s enthusiasm and excitement can foreshadow an event before it happens, then attendees of this Sunday’s 30 Seconds to Mars show at the Susquehanna Bank Center are in for a night that they will never forget.

“Scotch tape, glue, and the spit from a yak,” exclaims drummer Shannon Leto, laughing as he claims to reveal the secret of his band’s long-lasting partnership. “Really, though,” his voice now taking a more serious tone, but still as enthusiastic, “we’re together because we love what we do. We love to express ourselves through our music, artwork and videos. There are so many amazing things that happened to this band. We won an MTV award, and now we’re up for a Euro Music Award, which is like MTV for Europe!”

In May of 2013, 30 Seconds to Mars released their fourth album, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, which took the band in a new direction. The new album offers a more personal perspective of the band, which deviates from the band’s usual tendencies.

“Our mantra is that we want to change, grow and think outside the box. Changes in the person result in changes in the band, and we don’t have any interest in repetition,” explains Leto.

Word quickly spread about the band’s new direction, and many wondered whether or not their loyal following of fans would immediately accept it. “We absolutely knew they’d love it,” Leto confidently asserts. “They know that we like to do things differently, no matter what it is. They are totally accustomed to what we do.”

To support the new album, 30 Seconds to Mars is hitting the road again, and are ecstatic to be doing so. This tour, however, is going to be unlike any of their previous tours, promises Leto.

“We love to share this amazing experience with the people that we love. We’ve changed and grown so much since the last tour, and this one is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever done.” Leto warns, “Get ready for the madness. Eyes are going to be popping, because they’re going to see things they’ve never seen before. Ever.”

Be sure to catch 30 Seconds to Mars with Third Eye Blind at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden this coming Sunday, September 29th. If it is even half as exciting as Leto promises, the night will certainly be one to remember.