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REVIEW: 'Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams' typical, insane 30 Seconds to Mars show
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Posted by Mary Pickett at 04:36:42 PM on September 30, 2013

30SECONDSBy Mary Pickett
Of The Morning Call

Halfway through the second song in 30 Seconds to Mars’ set -- during mega-anthem “This Is War” -- Jared Leto paused and raised his hands toward the ceiling. A moment later, giant balloons rained down on the audience and the song continued.

Photos by Peter Italiano / Special to The Morning Call

From my aisle seat to the right of the stage, I watched in awe. The crowd jumped up and down, people throwing their bodies in the air to hit the massive balloons while screaming the song’s lyrics. The lights danced around the stage, illuminating Shannon Leto rocking out on drums and Tomo Milicevic on lead guitar, dancing with his eyes closed.

30seconds3The scene was pure insanity, something a true 30 Seconds to Mars fan has come to expect, even though it’s all been done by the band before.
There is no doubt that rock band 30 Seconds to Mars can put on a good show. The band has been igniting audiences since 2003. The past 10 years has left Mars with a perfect concert formula to leave fans wanting more. It was no different last night in Camden, N.J., where the band stopped on its “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” tour, in support of its fourth album.

The band opened with “Kings and Queens,” one of the best records from its “This Is War” album. Mars continued to rock through fan-favorites “Search and Destroy” and “Closer to the Edge.”

Towards the end of the show, Jared Leto produced an acoustic guitar and asked for song requests. Per audience participation, he belted out traditional Mars songs “From Yesterday,” “Hurricane” and “The Kill.” Leto continues to amaze with his soulful voice. He called the audience “a crazy bunch of perverts” when they laughed at his various sexual jokes.

30SECONDS2Even though this tour is behind the band’s new album, it only played a handful of new songs: “Conquistador,” “End of All Days,” the album’s mega-anthem “Do Or Die” and “City of Angels,” to which Leto dedicated to “all the dreamers” in the audience.

It finished with an encore performance of “Up In The Air,” Mars’ first single off the new album. As usual, Leto invited the craziest 30 Seconds to Mars fans on stage to dance with him.

I have attended three other Mars shows, all during the band’s two-year, 309-show, epic “Into The Wild Tour” in 2010 and 2011. These concerts have revealed the not-so-secret Mars concert formula: three crazy musicians + fan-favorite songs + a hyped audience + about a dozen balloons and confetti streamers + the chance to go on stage = gratifying madness.

Although Jared said he was feeling a bit “under the weather” and the concert was delayed 20 minutes because of an interview (Jared was talking to actor James Franco for a new project), these setbacks did not mess with the band’s performance nor the audience’s energy. The routine that 30 Seconds to Mars has perfected has not grown stale.