"Looks Like They Were Right" On Top Of It

Lit will follow their self-titled album with a new DVD this fall, and the band recently told us how shooting the footage helped with their latest album. Drummer Allen Shellenberger revealed that the band's new single "Looks Like They Were Right" was actually worked out in front of the camera. "Our buddy, the guy who put the home video together, came down and he was just filming us playing some of our songs, just to have extra stuff for the DVD, and it just happened," said the drummer. Guitarist/songwriter Jeremy Popoff adds, "For us it was really cool too, having written a zillion songs
and we have probably 500 hours plus of video footage and this was the first time ever. It was like
capturing the light bulb going off." "Looks Like They Were Right" is featured on the band's self-titled disc, due in stores June 22nd.