When it came time for Lit to name their new album, the choice was simple. Since this was truly a band effort, the group self-titled the disc.

"We produced it ourselves, it was all recorded and written in Orange County, and it's us for sure. I think it translates," said drummer Allen Shellenberger.

Though the band has shared co-producing credits in the past, they chose to go it alone this time around.

"It's almost like going to college and at some point you've got to show what you've learned," says guitarist Jeremy Popoff. "There was something very fun and relaxed and cool about doing it ourselves and there was no one to answer to but each other. There were times where we were like 'I wonder what they would say on this part.' But having been there enogh times before, we can kind of hear what they would say."

Popoff says it wasn't that huge of a jump, since they've always tried to produce themselves as they've written. Check out Lit's self-titled disc, coming June 22nd.