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"This album is rock 'n' roll at its finest - simple, heartfelt, irreverent and fun. count it among this year's best." --New York Post

"Lipstick & Bruises and Drop D are beefed up with metallic riffs that suggest a nostalgic nod to arena rock -- 3 out of 4 Stars! --L.A. Times



"Gotta love a band that turns a line like 'I'm so addicted to you/and you're such a dick to me' into the best radio rock song of the year (Addicted)." --Stuff magazine

"Lipstick & Bruises is a driving rocker destined for success - the guitars are loud but complemented by a fun new wave underlining and a catchy chorus." -- Billboard

"On Atomic, the band unveils a sharper pop-rock sound, one that's so infectiously catchy that you'll feel like an inoculation is in order." -- CDNow

"Atomic is one of the most addictive efforts of the year, a one-two, sing-song sucker punch that even Lit acolytes won't be expecting." --San Francisco Examiner

"Atomic is chock-full of radio-ready cuts that further strengthen a patented Lit sound - it's sure-fire stuff." --Orange County Register

"What separates Lit from their Orange County, CA, power-pop, punk rock peers? Soul. They've got it and it emanates from every pore of Atomic. The results are nothing short of magical." --Metal Edge magazine

"Pop-punk quartet crafts a successful follow-up - 4 stars! --Blender magazine


October 16, 2001
LIT: "Atomic"
3 1/2 Stars
Dirty Martini/RCA Records

While most bands from California's Orange County are rehasing played-out sugar-pop styles, Lit has welded its love for crunch metal to scruffy three-chord rock melodies.

That concoction is the reactor core of "Atomic," one of the most appealing musical hybrids to hit in a while.

The quartet tempers its aggressive attack with catchy melodies that give "Atomic" a sweet 'n' sour quality.

In the two years since Lit hit the big time with "A Place in the Sun," they've honed their chops with a rigorous concert schedule.

Although "Atomic" is a studio disc, it has the energy of a live record.

The lyrics don't try to shake the world - most tunes are about guys getting ditched by girlfriends.

Their loss is our gain - there isn't a bad song here. The best of the bunch include "Addicted," "Evertyhing's Cool" and the bonus track "Over My Head," featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

This album is rock 'n' roll at its finest - simple, heartfelt, irreverent and fun. Count it among this year's best.