LIT - "Lit"
by Jani Bon Neil

Cover: 6 Paris Hiltons out of 10.
It's a picture of the band and just says Lit. It's a cool but dark photo. Kinda reminds me of AC/DC but I don't know why.

Booklet: 7 Christina Aguileras out of 10
The booklet has lyrics for each song and each page has a variety of personal and onstage photos. Photos include a variety of in action shots, their kids, and a monkey. Monkeys are good and all too often get overlooked by bands. Who doesn't like monkeys? It also has simple credits and thanks.

Songs: 10 Dirty Martinis out of 10.
Once again you might be saying, "They're only getting 10 out of 10 because they have a song on the Metal Sludge CD." Well, yeah, of course, but that's not the only reason they're getting 10 out 10. It's because this is a good fucking CD. I generally give out 10s to CDs I really like and can listen to all the way through and this falls into that category. This is a straight ahead, fun, guitar driven album. There's no nu-metal, no emo, and nothing alternative here. It's just a fucking hard rock album with guitar solos and catchy choruses. If you grew up on riff heavy bands with good songwriting, then you should dig this. It's good music to sit around outside and drink to, you know?

Throughout the album you can hear Lit's classic rock influences from Van Halen and Billy Squire to even current bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, yet it all still sounds like Lit. The album starts off with "Too Fast For A U-Turn" which has one of the coolest riffs I've heard this year and is a classic fast driving rock song. The 2nd track and lead single, "Looks Like They Were Right" picks up where "My Own Worst Enemy" left off as it's a song about being a fuckup. "Needle & Thread" is also very catchy and memorable with another cool riff. "Times Like This" is a big sounding ballad that sounds like a potential single. "Moonshine," "Hard To Find" and "Throwaway" are midtempo melodic rock songs that add a nice dimension to this album while "Alright" is another fast paced song like "Too Fast For A U-Turn." "Lullaby" could be straight off Monster Ballads and was written for the Popoffs' kids. Donna Anderson said that song should be a smash. "All Or Nothing" was the original title of the song that ended up on our Metal Sludge CD before it became "No Turning Back." This version of the song has most of the same lyrics but it's a bit slower and more moody and darker. I prefer the version on our CD but if you're a Lit fan you should have both so make sure you stop by our Sludgendise Store to buy the more rocking version. (Gratuitous plug over) The album ends with another cool melodic song called "Bulletproof," which has a chant of "We're All Alright" from Cheap Trick's "Surrender" at the very end of the song.

In my opinion, and this is all my opinion since I'm writing this thing, there really isn't a filler track on this disc. And I'm not just saying that to kiss anybody's ass. It's refreshing to hear a newer band doing straight ahead rock that's not cheesy or dated, but at the same time still have a personality and be fun. It's what's missing on radio today so fuck you if you don't appreciate my enthusiasm.

Comments: The first 100,000 CDs come with a Bonus DVD that is about 15 minutes long and is a sample of their upcoming DVD. It has 2 videos for "Something To Someone" and "Too Fast For A U-Turn" as well as Lit talking about their DVD and showing various clips from it. Most of it is pretty candid and on the humorous side. It appears a lot of drinking went on in the clips they show and is pretty funny.