Nitrus/DRT/Dirty Martini Recordings-June 22, 2004
We all have guilty pleasures and for me it's the band LIT. Since day one, I've adored them from record, to live performance to just reading articles or watching videos. I'm so happy to see them still going strong and making album after album. Their fourth self-titled record is going to be out on the market soon and all I have to say Rock n Roll is back with sing-a-long choruses, strong guitar based tunes and just a whole lot of fun. But with LIT, isn't it all fun all the time? It might be but with growing as a band and individually, you see the transformation on this new record. Yes, the fun is still there but a more personal, developed and diverse band has shined through on this fourth disc. The overall sound has the LIT vibe but it's curtained with darker atmosphere, more straight forward rock and a passionate feel. The disc begins with TOO FAST FOR A U-TURN, a song that brings gritty no hold barred dirty rock style with a huge catchy chorus. The single LOOKS LIKE THEY WERE RIGHT has an upbeat tempo. It's bouncy, high energy and easy to sing lyrics. Looks like a possible summer time hit! NEEDLE & THREAD has a guest appearance from guitarist Jon Devoto from The Matches who does the solo in the song. This song has the fun vibe that everyone thinks of when you think LIT. TIMES LIKE THIS one of my favorites. This is one of the songs that is darker and has great melody. It's mid-tempo flair and reality driven lyrics makes it a highlight. THROWAWAY another great track. This song has that sassy flair. It's playful but yet drives with a subtle rock n roll based charm. FOREVER BEGINS RIGHT NOW is poppy and danceable. MOONSHINE shines with solid melodic rock tone. LULLABY, the band ballad, has the sweetness of piano and acoustic guitar. A song that has full meaning and makes the song emotional but in a good, happy way (a song to put a little smile on your face). The most personal tune BULLETPROOF ends the CD and although about a friends suicide, the song slings out some upbeat momentum and honors a good memory. The band even brought a cover of the Cure's PICTURES OF YOU. I've dug everything LIT has ever done, but on this disc, the guys bring moments and elements of both ATOMIC and A PLACE IN THE SUN mixed it with a new maturity and put together an amazing thirteen songs, no downfalls on this!

written by: Stephanie Stevens