LIT at House OF Blues, Anaheim
by Noele Shannon

Orange County rockers LIT who have gained national and worldwide acclaim over the years, brought their radio ready electrifying brand of pop rock tunes back to the House of Blues in Anaheim last night to a sold out crowd.

I was certainly compelled to see this show as the band are currently pushing a brand new CD (simply titled “LIT”), chock full of the catchy unforgettable hooks they have been delivering with unbridled enthusiasm to the masses for quite some time.

Getting to the front of the crowd was a daunting task, so I choose to stand off to the side after snapping up some pictures to watch these guys work their magic.

Honestly, I don't think I can pick just one song that was a highlight for me last night, they played so many new and old tunes it was a veritable cornucopia of music, let me tell you my head just could not stop spinning! Rest assured that is a good thing.

The crowd was in fine form being entertained by AJ's impassioned vocal delivery of songs including two of my very favorite tracks “Lipstick & Bruises,” and “My Own Worst Enemy.”

Throughout the course of the 60 min plus set Kevin and AJ alternated jumping into the audience for some up close and personal moments while Allan and Jeremy kept riding right along fueling this rock machine for other tracks such as “Looks like they were Right,” and “Too Fast for a U Turn.” off the newest effort recorded by LIT.

The encore was a pleasant surprise featuring an acoustic to electric version of “Happy in the Meantime,” the deliciously intoxicating “Pictures of You” and the undeniably infectious “Something to Someone.”

One thing that is such fun about seeing these guys live is the wit and humor they deliver to their very loyal fan base while performing and how well they work together making sure they put on a kick ass that you will walk away from talking about for weeks to come. I know I sure will…