Return to Lee DeWyze


Posted by  | Feb 23, 2018 |

What a night at the music venue SPACE in Evanston, IL for singer-songwriter Lee DeWyze. Not only was DeWyze back in his home state of IL to perform to a standing-room only crowd, but it was also record release night for his latest album “Paranoia”.

How lucky his fans were to hear DeWyze prowl into each song including “Sink or Swim”, “Carry Us Through”, “Closer”, “The Breakdown”, and “Paranoia.” His soulful yet haunting vocals took over the night and his fans were thrilled to hear him perform “Blackbird Song” and “Oil & Water”. Joining him on stage is the talented cellist and background vocalist Mai Bloomfield. She added that special push on each song. On a lighter side, during song breaks, he thanked the audience multiple times for their support, was excited that his family was in the audience, and his proud smile came thru when he told his fans that his latest album “Paranoia” was just released.

DeWyze is a powerful songwriter and he showcased that song after song with his breezy vocals, unique lyrics, and superb guitar playing. When Unrated Magazine interviewed DeWyze back in August 2017 he had hinted that new music was coming out soon and he could not wait to share it.

As DeWyze sings – “Throw me overboard, let’s see if I Sink or Swim.” His new songs are definitively not wading but have launched off the high-dive.