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Lee Dewyze, “Paranoid”

American Idol isn’t really known for discovering genuine talent, but they did manage to find Queen a new frontman with Adam Lambert, who has been mesmerizing fans for quite some time now. The country world got an undeniable superstar in Carrie Underwood, and pop got multi-Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson. In 2010 they introduced the world to the best singer-songwriter to ever come out of the franchise, Lee Dewyze (although he did have a few discs before his global introduction). After the win he released one major label disc, which had so much polish and shine that his heart was no longer discernible. A few years later he unleashed “Frames,” a set which could have easily rivaled Avett Brothers, the Decemberists or Fleet Foxes. The new disc is “Paranoia” and it absolutely won’t be your next party starter, or be accused of being happy-go-lucky fluff, but it is filled with heart, which he wears on his sleeve. The sound is ethereal with delicate hypnotic vocals wrapped around sparse instrumentation. Each track cuts deeper than the previous with intense emotion. His talent is immeasurable, and there is no reason for the listener to be paranoid about being blown away by an American Idol alum.