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Beyond American Idol: Lee DeWyze Talks Paranoia and Embracing The Chaos 

MARCH 12, 2018

By Nancy BerkLee DeWyze believes music, including his own, lands onscreen when people can look beyond their differences and enjoy a song. “I think a lot of that has to do with honesty in music and relatability,” explains DeWyze whose song “The Breakdown” from Paranoia can be heard on an episode of Showtime’s hit Shameless this season.

Since becoming the Season 9 winner of American Idol in 2010, Lee DeWyze has watched his songs climb Billboard charts and land in hit television series and popular commercials. With a new album Paranoia and a busy tour schedule, DeWyze took time out of his day to chat about his songwriting, the inspiration behind his latest music and advice for those hoping to make their creative dreams come true.

Listen to the conversation with Lee DeWyze here.

Watch the lyric video for “The Breakdown.”